Modular Housing has great Showing at the International Builders Show

I just returned late last evening from the International Building Show in Las Vegas, and I have lots of information to share with you! Fortunately I was able to attend with the very talented Lisa Stewart of Lisa Stewart Photography, so we have hundreds of great images I’ll be able to share with you as well.

The first trend I wanted to share with you is that this show is put on by the National Association of Homebuilders – a group that is made up of mostly “stick-built” or onsite builders. It was obvious though that word is getting out about modular housing and the benefits – there were 5 modular homes that were a part of the show this year – and every one of them had lines all the way around them of builders wanting to see the homes and learn more about the modular process!

I just found a great story about LivingHome –  the home that was produced by Builder Magazine and built by Profile Structures, Inc.

I have more photos and will be sharing more in the future, but be sure to read about this great home and see what exciting things the future holds!

Going Green

The Modular Housing Council announced recently that their CertifiedGreen program is in place and will launch this week.

Modular housing has always been a very environmental friendly way of building, and this program will be a way to certify a home is built to set standards. A lot of time and effort has gone into the program and I can’t wait to see the efforts of all of the hard working individuals on the committee!

More information on the certification can be found by contacting the Manufactured Housing Institute.