What Message are you Sending?

I spent a few days last week driving through Texas visiting retail centers so that I could see what was new, and get a feel for what the housing market is really like.

It’s easy to see why some home sellers are successful and some are not – much of it has to do with attitude. I go in and”mystery shop” – I try to ask questions that I buyer would ask and look at the homes through their eyes. The first sales person spent 1/2 hour telling me how bad teh economy was and that their just wasn’t any money available to finance a new home.

The next home center was my favorite – it was almost impossible to drive into the sales center because there was a car parked in the front that had a for sale sign in it. When I entered the office, the sales person never got off of the couch he was sitting in, took a personal call and told me he was going to be on the phone for awhile and wouldn’t be able to show me any of his homes.

Fortunately there was a shining star on my tour –  the Cavco Homes Center in New Braunfels. George was an absolute delight. He greeted me at the door, was very knowledgeable about the homes that they had and personally walked me through almost every one of their show homes as well as giving me great information on each. He was also very knowledgeable about land that was available in teh area to put the homes on, and about how consumers can take advantage of the new tax incentive.

George was excited about the homes that Cavco had for sale, and he got me excited about the beautiful homes that they had that could be mine, and tha there are still a few good guys and retail centers out there.

Selling the New Tax Credit

We all know how slow the housing market has been – all you need to do is turn on the television or open a newspaper and the media will be happy to remind you.

But thanks to all of the lobbying that has been done by the Manufactured Housing Institute and the National Association of Homebuilders we now have a positive message and tool that we can use to help get people into a new home.

Be sure to take a look at a site that NAHB has put together a site at Federal Housing Tax Credit that gives more information about the plan and how you can use the incentives.

With interest rates at an all-time low and the new tax credits, now is the perfect time to buy a new modular home!

The Ultimate Fan

sam-cheersI have a favor to ask of all of you that really doesn’t have anything to do with this blog but it does – my 10 year old nephew is learning an important lesson about marketing and the power of the internet.

Sam lives in Oklahoma City and is the ultimate sports fan – he is crazy about the OKC Thunders and goes dressed to show his support to almost every game. His parents have always been wise enough to let Sam find his own calling, so his enthusiasm (and his outfits) sam-mascotare all his idea. Because of this, Sam was nominated to be part of the Ultimate Fan Finale.

sam-chefHe is also a great well rounded child (and I am a proud aunt!),does very well in school and loves to cook with me – we entered the State Fair of Texas Cooking contests this year and Sam won two 2nd place ribbons!

If Sam wins this contest he gets to go to Boston and see his team play there as well as learn some valuable history lessons when he gets to tour the city.

Please help me encourage Sam to follow his dreams. The link for where to vote on the NBA site is here, and you can vote was many times as you would like. Most of the others that are up for this honor are adults so I’m even more proud of what he’s accomplished. Please vote for Sam Davis and vote often!