HUD or Modular?

clayton-seguin-ext-1244I was in Seguin, Texas recently and was introduced to the team at the Clayton retail center. This beautiful model home was in the front of their location, and what a beauty! Talk about understanding how to do things right – they are doing the details to show this truly is a home, and one that anyone would be proud to own.

What really caught my attention was that this home with high ceilings, indoor and outdoor fireplaces and a dream kitchen was built to HUD specifications, not modular! I was intrigued to see what I have thought all along is true – a great home is a great home no matter how it is constructed. I hope that this home is shared with some of the financial entities and government people who don’t understand how superior factory built housing can be.

clayton-seguin-kit-1243If you get a chance you should stop by and take a tour of this home – I promise it will change the way you perceive factory built housing.