Modular Homes – 3 Advantages for Real Estate Investors and Contractors

I found this article today that was written by Larry Haines – President of  of the New Orleans Real Estate Investors Association and thought it made a lot of great points. Enjoy!

Modular homes have many advantages and in some cases can be a much better choice than site built or “stick built” homes. Before moving forward, it is important to identify that there is big difference between modular homes and manufactured homes. The two terms are not interchangeable.

Modular vs. Manufactured

Both are built in the factory, which is why the two types are often confused. Manufactured homes, sometimes called Mobile homes, are built only to the federal building code (HUD) and do not have to meet the code requirements of the specific destination where the home will be erected. Under HUD requirements, it is also not mandatory that inspectors approve the structure. The building requirements under HUD code are often more lax. For example, manufactured homes are only required to use 2″ x 2″ studs in the walls, whereas modular homes in New Orleans must use 2″ x 4″ studs.

Modular homes are, like manufactured homes in that they are built in the factory, but have to pass a much stricter set of guidelines. Modular homes are held to the same IRC code requirements as site built homes, and must adhere to state and local codes of the final destination of the home. These homes often have the same longevity of site built homes and therefore will appreciate as investments.

When is it better to go Modular?

Going modular is almost always the best way to go for real estate investors and builders who are taking on very large projects. Modular offers some real advantages:

1. Faster to Develop -Developers who are under time constraints will benefit greatly from going modular. For example, a 10-unit subdivision could take 6 months to complete using stick built methods, and this same 10-unit subdivision may only take 10 weeks by going modular.

2. Less Labor Worries – Modular homes are a great choice for real estate developers building in areas of tight labor markets. The quick assembly process reduces local labor needs. In areas where the quality of labor is a factor, it is much harder to perform quality control for site built homes.

3. Quality Control -As modular homes are constructed in the factory, they are engineered better and are tested stringently for quality control.

With so many architectural styles to choose from and build on options, Modular homes are very similar to site built homes. It is important to note that each situation is different and each project should be carefully considered. For example, modular homes can become expensive depending on the final location of the home. As these homes must be transported in sections, greater distance to the end site increases the cost to the real estate investor.

Larry Haines is the president of the New Orleans Real Estate Investors Association and the Managing Partner of Road Home Builders, LLC. For more information on real estate construction and investing, please email or visit

Shaw Carpets hosts Worlds Largest Pie Fight

Shaw Carpets had a great event in Grapevine, TX yesterday. A pie fight that was the largest in the world with 1,200 pies and 434 participants took place on their Anso Nylon carpet to show how easily it could be cleaned. Shaw understands lifestyle, and this Lifestylist has seen firsthand how well their carpets not only hold up to pie, but to other challenges as well such as pets, toddlers, and wine dinners. The best part is that Shaw made donations to Dallas Animal Advocates and their volunteers got to do the throwing. Feeding America was also a benefactor, and Shaw’s donation to the organization will provide up to 70,000 meals to people in 13 Texas counties.

Thanks to Shaw for a fun event and your support of a great organization.

Modular Homes to be Shown at International Builders Show

The countdown has begun for the International Builders Show – in two weeks we will be attending this annual event that will be held in Las Vegas, NV. USA Today had a great article today about the modular and prefab homes that will be on display. Palm Harbor Homes and Champion Homes will both have modular houses to see, and I’ll be sure to take photos to share with all of you here. Designer Anthony Lucas and Sales manager Steve Reyenga both had great careers with Patriot Homes and I loved working with them there -I know these homes will do all of the Patriot alumni proud.

If you are attending the IBS show and would like to meet with us and see what a Lifestylist can add to your homes,please contact us at: so we can walk the show together!